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IP Transaction Protocols: Plug and Play AMBA, OCP and others

As engineers, we view transaction protocols as simply a language to be able to communicate information from one block of system-on-chip (SoC) IP to another block. However, if you look at transaction protocols from an economics framework you see there’s much more to it. With the past interconnect fabrics dominated by crossbars and hierarchal busses, the choice of the IP transaction protocol created a humongous switching cost.

Topics: NoC AMBA AHB AXI OCP protocol transaction protocols IP protocols interconnect fabric

Busses, Crossbars and NoCs: The 3 Eras of SoC Interconnect History

Today the processor in your Blackberry or iPhone has more calculating power than a PC did only a decade ago. No surprise here. But how did this happen? What enabled this?
Topics: OCP AXI AHB ASB AMBA Systems-on-Chip System-on-Chip Interconnect SoC network-on-chip network-on-chip NoC Networks-On-Chip