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Semiconductor Engineering: FPGAs Becoming More SoC-Like

Ty Garibay, CTO at Arteris IP, is quoted in this Semiconductor Engineering article:

FPGAs Becoming More SoC-Like


June 4th, 2018 - By Ann Steffora Mutschler

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‘Hardening’ SoCs For Automotive Market Challenges

Migrating from mobility into new markets means dealing with new issues such as reliability, security and quality of service.

The semiconductor industry is enamored with the automotive, industrial and medical markets, and many companies are now shifting their focus there. But many mainstream vendors will face challenges entering this market. For those who have traditionally participated in the smart phone or mobility market, I will outline some changes they need to consider to successfully compete in these emerging spaces.

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The Semiconductor Industry Needs an IP Switzerland

It’s official: The great IP land grab has begun.

The process actually has been taking place gradually, but has accelerated with Imagination Technologies’ acquisition of MIPS last year and, most recently, Cadence’s acquisition of Tensilica. For makers of semiconductors, four competing IP behemoths are emerging after years of fragmentation within the semiconductor IP industry.

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