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Semiconductor Engineering: Not Enough Respect for SoC Interconnect

K. Charles Janac, CEO at Arteris IP, shares his opinion in this week's blog appearing in Semiconductor Engineering:

Not Enough Respect for SoC Interconnect


July 30th, 2018 - By K. Charles Janac

Topics: SoC functional safety SoC security semiconductor advanced driver assistance systems adas flexnoc interconnect semiconductor engineering soc architecture AI arteris ip ips K. Charles Janac on-chip memory interconnects logic IP modules SoC assembly topologies 5G mobility QoS

Semiconductor Engineering: Progress And Chaos On Road To Autonomy

K. Charles Janac, president and CEO at Arteris IP, says “The implications of this change are incredible,” in this Special Report, Semiconductor Engineering article:

Progress And Chaos On Road To Autonomy


June 7th, 2018 - By Jeff Dorsch

Topics: semiconductor IP autonomous driving semiconductor engineering arteris ip K. Charles Janac Audi LIDAR Denso Toyota