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Semiconductor Engineering: 7nm Design Challenges Video

Tech Talk: Why the next nodes will be so expensive, and how they will play out in chip design.

Tech Talk Video: 7nm Design Challenges 

July 9th,  2018 - By Ed Sperling

Ed Sperling interviews Ty Garibay, CTO at Arteris IP headquarters about the challenges of moving to 7nm, who’s likely to head there, how long it will take to develop chips at that node, and why it will be so expensive. This also raises questions about whether chips will begin to disaggregate at 7nm and 5nm.

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Semiconductor Engineering: Tech Talk - ISO 26262 Drilldown Video

Kurt Shuler, VP of Marketing at Arteris IP, looks at what can go wrong in automotive design:

Tech Talk Video: ISO 26262 Drilldown 

June 6th,  2018 - By Ed Sperling

Ed Sperling interviews Kurt Shuler at Arteris IP headquarters about what's required to gain a solid foothold in the automotive electronics market.

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