Network-on-Chip (NoC) SoC Customer testimonials

Network-on-Chip Customer Testimonials

Nethra licenses Arteris FlexNoC
“It only took us two days to evaluate Arteris FlexNoC on our own design. We now have a scalable interconnect that can address our foreseeable needs and that can easily adapt to last minute changes to IP or architecture. Furthermore, FlexNoC has allowed us to simplify floor planning and timing closure.”

Ramesh Singh
CEO and President, Nethra Imaging

Samsung licenses Arteris FlexNoC
“The Arteris interconnect IP offers us a convenient solution to handle the high speed communication needed between our SoC and external modem IC. Our customers will benefit from the lower BOM cost and power consumption as a result of this IP. We look forward to Arteris’ interconnect IP helping us shorten development schedules and lower risks associated with compatibility.”

Thomas Kim
Vice President, SoC Platform, Samsung

Mobileye licenses Arteris FlexNoC
“Arteris’ network-on-chip interconnect IP allows us to reduce the die size of Mobileye's 3rd generation vision processor, EyeQ3, optimize latency for critical IP blocks and reach timing closure much sooner than expected. We exhaustively benchmarked the Arteris NoC interconnect IP against the competition. We need real-time performance with extremely low latency between video IP blocks, and we found the Arteris NoC to be the best solution for EyeQ3. Furthermore, we found Arteris’ memory scheduler to be superior, with excellent Quality of Service in a smaller die area. With Arteris, our customers can be assured of responsiveness and reliability to help reduce collisions and make roads safer.”

Elchanan Rushinek
Vice President of Engineering, Mobileye

NTT licenses Arteris FlexNoC
“We have been very satisfied with the performance and quality of the Arteris NoC technology. We have accelerated our time to market and achieved significant performance advantages compared to other interconnect IP approaches. Based on this successful experience, we are deploying the Arteris NoC on other projects.”

Shoichi Otake
General Manager, NTT Electronics

Renesas licenses Arteris FlexNoC
“We selected the Arteris interconnect IP solution to improve the efficiency with which we deliver SoC platforms and their derivatives to our customers.”

Matthias Voigt
General Manager, Engineering Group, Renesas

ST licenses Arteris FlexNoC
“Arteris delivers significant value by helping us achieve new classes of performance while reducing our design cycle.”

Daniel Abecassis
General Manager, Wireless Infrastructure, ST

Pixelworks licenses Arteris FlexNoC
“We have selected Arteris for use in our next-generation digital video image processor products. The Arteris solution provides a new option for on-chip communication to help deliver higher performing products, faster, and at lower cost.”

Bob Zhang
VP of Technology, Pixelworks

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