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Linley Processor Conference 2015 (Santa Clara, CA)

Synopsys (Marc Greenberg, Director of Product Marketing, Synopsys) and Arteris (Benoit de Lescure, Director of Application Engineering, Arteris) will jointly present, "Optimizing Quality-of-Service (QoS) With Interconnect and Memory Controller IP."

Traditional SoC design techniques optimize QoS at a local level, whereas new methods consider the complete dataflow path. This presentation examines pitfalls in optimizing QoS at the local level and recommends best practices for co-optimizing the on-chip network-on-chip (NoC) and memory controller. It also addresses trading off latency versus bandwidth, reducing system power, increasing DRAM efficiency, and implementing memory interleaving. The presentation will introduce new interfaces that enhance interconnect and memory integration.

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Benoit de Lescure is presenting at the Linley Processor Conference