Job, gui programmer with Arteris, Inc. (Campbell, CA)

GUI Programmer with Arteris, Inc. (Campbell, CA)

Create, modify, test, debug and release code, forms, and scripts to run computer applications. Write Programs to map a description of a network-on-a-chip parameters to a representation for use by a configurable hardware description language. Work from design specifications documents to assist with developing graphical user interfaces and stand-alone programs to capture and process user input, and to manipulate user data, using programming languages. Use client-server computer architecture and communications protocols to program computer systems for handling of interconnect design data. Translate user -provided specifications into a software representation. Perform software coding, testing, coverage collection and analysis, and integration into rest of code base for continuous integration. Design specification documents and implement code using published coding standards. Program unit-level tests to verify code. Use revision control systems for code changes and bug tracking systems for code quality.

Requires Master’s or Bachelor’s in Computer Science or related. Requires post bachelor's experience (1 year with Master's or 3 years with Bachelor's) which must include some experience with: JavaScript; Python; HTML; CSS; SQL Data Base programming; Graphical User Interface Development; Linux shell script programming; bug tracking systems; software build environments; and revision control systems.

Send Resumes to:

Jeanne Hong, Arteris, 595 Millich Dr. Suite 200, Campbell, CA 95008.