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26 July 2011
Ten mobile vendors license chip interconnect - EE Times
Ten cellphone chip makers have licensed the Chip to Chip Link developed by Arteris and Texas Instruments that lets cellphone chips share memory.

8 November 2010
Samsung adopts Arteris for mobile chips - EE Times
Arteris Inc., a licensor of network-on-chip interconnect intellectual property, has said that consumer electronics giant Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. has selected its IP for mobile system-on-chip ICs.

23 September 2010
NoC is not a Noun - System Level Design

7 July 2010
Arteris adds support for Tensilica Dataplane Processor Core Interface - SoC Central

24 June 2010
Connecting the Pieces - Chip Design

22 June 2010
Arteris Joins TSMC Reference Flow - Design & Reuse

4 June 2010
Experts at the Table: Problems to Solve in 3D stacking - System Level Design

May-June 2010 edition
Arteris featured as one of the "10 Private Companies to watch" in MIT Technology Review - MIT Technology Review

April 2010
NoC offers smaller, faster and more efficient solutions - Chip Design

April 2010
Integrated IP goes vertical - Chip Design

12 April 2010
NTT completes a graphics SoC design using Arteris NoC - EDA Café

18 March 2010
Arteris announces support for new ARM AMBA 4 interconnect spec - EE Times

10 March 2010
The long and painful path to power optimization - Low Power Engineering

8 March 2010
ARM upgrades AMBA spec for on-chip comms - EE Times

7 December 2010
Strategic vs. ROI driven VC - EE Times

19 November 2009
From Bus to Crossbar to Network-on-Chip - System-Level Design

29 October 2009
Making Connections - System-Level Design

15 June 2009
Arteris, Duolog team on linking IP blocks - EETimes

2 February 2009
Arteris makes EETimes "60 Emerging Startups" list - EETimes

29 January 2009
Making a multicore system work properly: interview with top industry experts Texas Instruments, Arteris, Sonics, ARM
PDF version
- System-Level Design

19 January 2009
Arteris Network on Chip (NoC) Selected by NEC Electronics Europe for Advanced Development of Complex SoC Applications - EuroInvestor

22 November 2008
Arteris Delivers Major Productivity Features for Its Network-on-Chip Interconnect IP and Toolset -

05 November 2008
Le français Arteris améliore sa solution de NoC [French firm Arteris enhances its NoC Solution] - Electronique International

18 August 2008
Arteris Network-on-Chip (NoC) Selected by Texas Instruments to Provide SoC Interconnect - Design and Reuse

22 May 2008
Docomo helps Arteris raise $7.5 million - EETimes

22 May 2008
Le français Arteris lève 7,5 millions de dollars - Electronique International

21 May 2008
Arteris Announces Completion of $7.5M Series C Investment - Yahoo! Finance

1 February 2008
EE Times reconfirms Arteris as an emerging startup - EETimes

30 January 2008
Synopsys' DesignWare DDR Protocol Controller IP Integrated Into Arteris' Network-On-Chip Interconnect Solution - Design and Reuse

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