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Arteris Ncore Cache Coherent Interconnect IP Licensed by Toshiba Corporation (Toshiba) for Automotive ADAS

Heterogeneous cache coherency and simpler ISO 26262 automotive functional safety qualification enabled by configurable interconnect IP

CAMPBELL, Calif. — Nov. 1, 2016 — Arteris Inc., the innovative supplier of silicon-proven commercial system-on-chip (SoC) interconnect IP, today announced that Toshiba has licensed Arteris Ncore Cache Coherent Interconnect IP for use in its image recognition processors for ADAS applications.

In evaluating cache coherent interconnects, we found that Arteris Ncore was the interconnect that provided us with the flexibility to fully optimize our system while also providing the data protection features we require to meet the highest possible ISO 26262 requirements. Arteris Ncore IP is a key component of our image recognition processor architecture.

Nobuaki Otsuka, Senior Manager, Mixed Signal IC Design Department, Toshiba

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