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ADAS Tech Talk Video has 16,000+ views

I just found out from Semiconductor Engineering editor Ed Sperling that the most popular Tech Talk video on is our Arteris IP 13 minute tutorial on ADAS. The YouTube views are almost 17,000 and Ed has stats that show that people are actually watching most of the video, not just clicking on it and moving on.

I'm glad folks have found it useful!


When Ed first approached me about doing these videos a few years ago I was quite skeptical. It's hard for me to sit through a video myself (I'm the worst husband in the world with the Xfinity remote. If I think I can complete a speaker's sentence and know what they are going to say, then I hit that 30-second skip button, often repeatedly. I know I'm the world's most annoying TV viewing partner, so I'm sorry, you-know-who.)

Ed's approach to these videos is actually innovative and leads to more of a Q&A experience rather than a dry lecture. I think it's because there's limited preparation and the video subject doesn't know the exact questions, just the general topic, and Ed bases his follow-on questions on the subject's explanations. So when I finally looked at the videos (I never watched them prior to this week!) I found them to be more informative and less boring than I expected.

Here's some other Tech Talk videos that may be interesting. And yes, that's my real hair.

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