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IP Subsystems Are Nothing New

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I’ve been hearing the term “IP subsystem” lately, and it seems to be the latest newfangled buzz word in the SoC semiconductor and IP industry, second only to “virtualization.” Much of the context for this growing interest in IP subsystems has been inspired from the work of Rich Wawrzyniak in his Semico Research report, “IP Subsystems: The Next IP Market Paradigm – October 2010.”

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AMBA AXI and OCP: Behind the Standards

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As engineers, we view transaction protocols as simply a language to be able to communicate information from one block of system-on-chip (SoC) IP to another block. However, if you look at transaction protocols from an economics framework you see there’s much more to it. With the past interconnect fabrics dominated by crossbars and hierarchal busses, the choice of the IP transaction protocol created a humongous switching cost.
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