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Semiconductor Slowdown? Invest!

Samsung’s announcement that it is investing a company-record $42B in 2012 for technology development came as a bit of a shock to many in the financial and technology press. The size of this investment dwarfs that of any other company I know of, and even exceeds the expected technology investments of entire nations, such as the combined investments of the Japanese semiconductor vendors.

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Two new options for interchip connectivity are available today that enable sharing a DRAM memory between two chips for data and programs. These standards, called MIPI Low Latency Interface (MIPI LLI) and Chip-to-Chip (C2C), are primarily targeted at mobile phones, where a mobile phone’s modem usually requires its own discreet DRAM. With either C2C or MIPI LLI, the mobile phone modem can use the application processor’s DRAM though a low-latency, memory-mapped connection that requires no software drivers or runtime software.

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