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The Top 35 ISO 26262 acronyms and abbreviations

A glossary of ISO 26262 abbreviations and acronyms can be a great help to understanding functional safety standards.


Over the last one-and-a-half years that I have been elbow-deep working on the FlexNoC Resilience Package, I’ve been keeping a running list of ISO abbreviations and acronyms that reoccurred in my work, and kept confusing me whenever I performed a “context switch” from working on different projects to working on my functional safety products.

I’ve received feedback that my list is helpful, so I’m publishing it in the hope that it helps you, too. I’ve attempted to explain everything in “plain English” and have referred to the specific “chapter and verse” in the ISO 26262 specification where the term is officially explained (kind of like Bible Study notes!).

Also, for a short explanation of ISO 26262 functional safety certification, please see my article, "A Primer On ISO 26262 Certification."

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