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Arteris IP to Aquire Magillem Assets

Arteris IP Magillem JCL 1200x628

Today we announced our definitive agreement to acquire the majority of assets of Magillem Design Services (see press release, “Arteris® IP to Acquire Assets of Magillem Design Services, Creating World's Premier System-on-Chip Assembly Company”). Substantially all Magillem team members will be joining Arteris IP, uniting in one company the world’s best engineering talent to deliver SoC Assembly solutions to improve how SoCs are designed today and in the future.

Arteris IP will evolve to be “The World’s Premier SoC Assembly Company”. As SoCs have become more complex, the need for Magillem’s chip assembly software and Arteris IP’s NoC interconnect technology has grown and will continue to grow. As part of Arteris IP, Magillem’s software products will continue to be offered separately from the Arteris interconnect IP offerings, and the combined company will continue to execute on Magillem’s existing product and technology roadmaps. We will remain the “Switzerland of IP” and will also devote considerable resources to integrate our two technologies into the most capable SoC Assembly solution available anywhere.

Arteris IP and Magillem are not simply in the NoC interconnect IP and SoC IP integration businesses, but rather in the business of helping customers build SoCs – on time, at the right specification and at higher quality. Our common vision has always been to help chip design teams assemble their SoCs using the latest technology, backed by global support, in the most painless and cost-efficient manner possible. This combination accelerates achieving this vision.

I hope you are as excited as we are about the opportunities this acquisition presents for our industry. Please contact me with any questions you have.

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