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ArterisIP featured as NoC leader in IEEE Computer magazine

NoC-a-new-SoC-paradigm-2002-NoC-15-years-later-2017-logo-new-680px.pngIn 2002, Network-on-Chip (NoC) technology was just an idea on the drawing board, but today it is “tremendously successful” with virtually all large-scale chips being designed with NoCs, according to the authors of “Networks on Chips: 15 Years Later.” This article was featured in the May issue of IEEE Computer as part of the publication’s 50th anniversary retrospective, where the editors looked back on the articles that had the most significant impact on computing technology.

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Authors Giovanni De Micheli and Luca Benini cited Arteris’ contributions to computing technology and advancement of NoC technology by highlighting three examples of ArterisIP's customers' success in three different industries:

Mobileye (Intel) in Autonomous Self-Driving Cars:
Mobileye’s (now Intel’s) Driver Assistance System was designed with FlexNoC...
Altera (Intel) in FPGAs:
Altera’s Arria system-on-chip (SoC)  field-programmable gate array (FPGA) family, using Arteris’s FlexNoC interconnect...
Qualcomm in Mobility:
Arteris is a major commercial NoC tool provider and FlexNoC is their suite for analyzing, synthesizing, and optimizing NoCs...

De Micheli and Benini published their original 2002 article, “Networks on Chips: A New SoC Paradigm,” one year prior to Arteris' founding. They were visionary for postulating that the layered design of reconfigurable micronetworks can achieve more efficient communications in system-on-chip designs as they scale up in size, in particular by addressing wire delays, quality-of-service, and distributed arbitration in ways that are impossible with then-popular buses. An editor’s note from states that the article remains very popular, as indicated by the number of downloads it receives from the IEEE Computer Society Digital Library:

As part of our 50th anniversary celebration, this special feature revisits influential Computer articles from the past. This month, the original authors of “Networks on Chips: A New SoC Paradigm” from the January 2002 issue discuss their article and how virtually all large-scale chips are now designed with this paradigm. –Ron Vetter, Editor in Chief Emeritus


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We at ArterisIP are proud to be the pioneers who led the commercialization of Network-on-Chip interconnect technology, and are now leading a new revolution in on-chip communications driven by the need for highly complex and functionally safe supercomputer-like SoCs for autonomous driving and machine learning.

You can view and download the 2017, “Networks on Chips: 15 Years Later," article here:

You can view and download the seminal 2002, "Networks on Chips: A New SoC Paradigm," article here:



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