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Automotive ISO 26262 and ADAS video is online

SemiEngineering has published a Tech Talk video I did with editor Ed Sperling about the ISO 26262 standard and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

Want to know the difference between ISO 26262 ASIL B and ASIL D? Then view it at:

In the video I answer a lot of questions I get from both semiconductor design team customers and fellow IP providers. We discuss things like  various types of ADAS (visual, radar, etc.), human machine interface / human factors engineering, ISO 26262 Part 11, how automotive safety integrity levels (ASIL) map to use cases, security, and SoC architecture trends including computation consolidation.

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We did it all in one take. I spoke with no notes for 20 minutes about these subjects, but feedback from people who have seen it is that the video is educational and provides context for many of the changes occuring today in automotive semiconductor technology.

I hope you find it usefeul, too.

Topics: ISO 26262 automotive semiconductors ADAS advanced vision processing