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OMAP4470 TRM Download Available, OMAP4460 & 4430 TRM updates

omap4470 trm arteris nocThe OMAP4470 TRM (also known as the OMAP4470 Multimedia Device Silicon Revision 1.0 Version E Technical Reference Manual) is available here by direct link:

Download the OMAP4470 TRM

For some reason, it is not listed in the table on TI's Wireless Handset Solutions Document Center page, but the direct link works fine.

Also, here are updated links to the OMAP4460 TRM and OMAP4430 TRM:

Download the OMAP4460 TRM

Download the OMAP4430 TRM

The OMAP4460 TRM is version Q and the OMAP 4430 TRM is version AE (it's on its second trip through the alphabet!).

Here's a table with the OMAP4430, OMAP4460 and OMAP447 features from TI's website provided for your convenience (along with the TRM download links):

OMAP4430, OMAP4460, OMAP4470 Features:


(TRM download)

(TRM download)

(TRM download)

Process node 45nm 45nm 45nm
ARM® Cortex™-A9 Clock Speed (two) 1 GHz 1.5 GHz 1.8 GHz
2D & 3D Graphics Hardware accelerated Hardware accelerated Hardware accelerated
Dedicated 2D and 3D graphic cores
Video performance (2D) 1080p HD 1080p HD 1080p HD
Video Performance (3D) 720p stereoscopic 3D 1080p Stereoscopic 3D 1080p Stereoscopic 3D
Imaging Performance (per second) 20 MP main camera
5MP stereo (dual cameras)
20MP main camera
12 MP stereo (dual cameras)
20MP main camera
12 MP stereo (dual cameras)
Availability Currently sampling Currently sampling Samples in 4Q 2011

As usual, TI's configuration of the Arteris NoC interconnect is described in Chapter 13, "Interconnect", in the OMAP 4460 TRM and OMAP 4430 TRM.

In the OMAP 4470 TRM, the Arteris NoC interconnect is described In Chapter 14, "Interconnect", rather than Chapter 13. This is because TI added an additional chapter, "2D Graphics Accelerator" to describe the additional dedicated Vivante GC320 2D GPU included within OMAP4470.

I hope this helps make it easier to find these docs!