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EE Times Arteris story and Charlie Janac interview

eetimes_logo_zpsd2838525.pngEE Times has published a story about Arteris and the path we took to build the world's best cache coherent interconnect IP team and and develop the Ncore cache coherent interconnect IP product. The writer is EE Times Contributing Editor Dylan McGrath and is titled, "IP Business Should Learn from EDA’s Playbook."

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The direct link to the article is:

The story includes an interview with our CEO, Charlie Janac, as well as a discussion of the differences between the IP and EDA industries.

Here's a taste:

IP Business Should Learn from EDA’s Playbook 

Industry veteran sees parallels between IP's opportunity, EDA's rise.

Dylan McGrath, Contributing Editor 

Don’t try to tell Charlie Janac that the electronic design automation and semiconductor intellectual property businesses are branches of the same tree. Janac, who is more than 30 years into a career spanning both disciplines, believes that while the histories of EDA and IP are intertwined, they are not the same.

”I will maintain until my dying day that IP and EDA are very different,” Janac told EE Times in a recent interview. “There’s a huge difference between helping someone do a chip and actually being in the chip.”

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