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Good SAE Automotive Engineering article about Mobileye

2017-03-14 - mobileye-eyeq5-sae-automotive-engineering.pngIf you're a car nerd like me, you've probably already read this month's SAE Automotive Engineering magazine article by Steven Ashley titled, "Mobileye: New eye on the road." It includes an interview with Mobileye co-founder and CTO Amnon Shashua and you can read it at

The article was written before the Intel / Mobileye announcement, but there's some great info about how Mobileye became a leader in ADAS and what are the next technical challenges beyond sensing. There's a particularly good discussion of the uses of mapping and/versus real-time artificial intelligence. Bottom line:  For both of these approaches, the key is to create and use sparse data sets to limit data processing and storage.

  Download Mobileye ADAS case study

Note: I'm biased in my interest in the people at Mobileye because Mobileye has been an Arteris customer since 2010, and have used our interconnect IP in all of their SoC designs starting with EyeQ3. Their team worked with us last fall to announce their licensing of Arteris FlexNoC and the FlexNoC Resilience Package for use in the Mobileye EyeQ5 family. It's been great to see how they have progressed over these last 7 years!



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