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New tech paper: Optimizing Enterprise-Class SSD Host Controller Design

Enterprise SSD endurance and data reliability require unique interconnect features in host controller SoCs.

We have a new detailed technical paper written by Senior Solutions Architect Dee Lin and enterprise-ssd-controller-tech-paper-arteris.pngmyself about the new challenges faced by enterprise SSD host controller teams in meeting SSD endurance, power and performance requirements.

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In the paper, we describe how these teams must adapt to the fast rate of NVMe adoption and how endurance, power, bandwidth and latency requirements can be met more easily with the right interconnect technology implementing the right architecture.

In writing this paper, we didn't just make it up! We currently have four (4) SSD host controller design teams using Arteris FlexNoC and have spoken with even more teams about their requirements and challenges. Their input was critical to writing this paper.

Bottom line: We think this paper, comprising 11 pages, 14 sources, and 5 figures, is a good technical overview for SSD host controller design teams.

You be the judge!

  Download SSD Tech Paper


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