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Semiconductor Engineering: A Looming Problem In Safety Analysis

Stefano Lorenzini, Functional Safety Manager and Fellow at Arteris IP authored this Semiconductor Engineering article:

Scalability: A Looming Problem In Safety Analysis

 September 1st, 2022 - By Stefano Lorenzini

Scalability A Looming Problem in Safety AnalysisA reuse-centric methodology for generating FMEDA

The boundless possibilities of automation in cars and other vehicles have captivated designers to the point that electronic content is now a stronger driver of differentiation than any other factor. It accounts for a substantial fraction of material cost in any of these vehicles. But this revolution in automotive technology comes with a caveat. In other applications, an electronics problem may be corrected with a shutdown or a reboot. The same resolution, however, does not work well for cars. Misbehavior in the electronics can lead to accidents, even fatalities.

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