SemiWiki: Arteris at the 2024 Design Automation Conference

by Daniel Nenni, On Jun 17, 2024

Arteris, a leading provider of system IP, will exhibit at DAC 2024, June 23-27, booth #1506. The company will demonstrate its latest technology including network-on-chip interconnect IP and SoC integration automation solutions. The products highlighted include CSRCompiler, Ncore Cache Coherent NoC IP and FlexNoC 5 interconnect IP.

Arteris recently released enhancements to CSRCompiler, a vital software solution in their system-on-chip (SoC) integration automation strategy that also includes Magillem Registers and Magillem Connectivity ( check out the recent SemiWiki blog on the Magillem suite of products here). CSRCompiler reduces manual errors and enhances productivity by streamlining the generation of hardware/software interface (HSI) outputs. CSRCompiler supports rapid, iterative designs and ensures consistency across multiple teams, automating the generation of HSI requirements from high-quality RTL and software to design verification and documentation. This software solution utilizes SystemRDL 2.0, ensuring consistency across various views and organizations without time-consuming manual scripting and editing.

CSRCompiler’s HSI database is essential for architects, RTL designers, verification engineers, software developers, and technical writers, offering centralized and customized HSI information. It compiles thousands of registers within seconds and millions within minutes. The software solution’s adaptable architecture supports various input formats into a single source, ensuring efficient production of all required formats and helping avoid errors in address map deployment. This comprehensive approach reduces the HSI development process by up to one-third.

Recently released, the updated Ncore cache coherent network-on-chip (NoC) IP ensures low latency integration of hardware accelerators into a coherent domain, delivering the speed and efficiency required for cutting-edge applications in complex SoC designs. By using Ncore, SoC design teams can save more than 50 years of engineering effort per project compared to interconnect solutions that are manually generated.

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