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SemiWiki: Is Your Interconnect Strategy Scalable?

Bernard Murphy authored this SemiWiki article on Interconnect Strategy.

May 9th, 2023 - by Bernard Murphy

“Strategy” is a word sometimes used loosely to lend an aura of visionary thinking, but in this context, it has a very concrete meaning. Without a strategy, you may be stuck with decisions you made on a first-generation design when implementing follow-on designs. Or face major rework to correct for issues you hadn’t foreseen. Making optimum architecture decisions for the series at the outset is key. Will it support replicating a major subsystem allowing more channels in premium versions, for more sensors or more video streams? Can the memory subsystem scale to support increased demand? Careful planning and modeling, checking target bandwidths and latencies is a necessary starting point. However architectural feasibility alone may not be sufficient to ensure scalability for one critical component – the interconnect between the function blocks in the design.

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