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The Gartner Hype Cycle & Technology Adoption Lifecycle Explained (using NoC Technology)

My purpose in this article is to explain Gartner Research’s Hype Cycle and relate it to the Technology Adoption Lifecycle popularized by Geoffrey Moore’s book, “Crossing the Chasm.”  These two models can be used together to provide a combined picture of market expectations and expected technology adoption rates, but people often get the timeframes and takeaways wrong. So if you’re involved in technology as an engineer, marketer or manager, read on!

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Could Apple revive the digital TV (DTV) market?

Could Apple revive the digital TV (DTV) market?

That was the underlying question behind a trio of presentations given at yesterday’s Gartner Semiconductor Briefing at in San Jose. Three Gartner analysts outlined a path forward for our industry to innovate its way out of the morass that has become the digital TV market.

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