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Semiconductor Engineering: What Is An XPU?

Michael Frank, Fellow and System Architect at Arteris IP is quoted throughout this new article in Semiconductor Engineering:

What Is An XPU? 

November 11th, 2021 - By Brian Bailey

Almost every letter of the alphabet has been used to describe a processor architecture, but under the hood they all look very similar.

“Most of these things are not really a processor in the sense of being a CPU,” says Michael Frank, fellow and system architect at Arteris IP. “They’re more like a GPU, an accelerator for a special workload, and there is quite a bit of diversity within them. Machine learning is a class of processors, and you just call them all machine learning accelerators, yet there is a large variety of the part of the processing they accelerate.”

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CES 2016: CPU, GPU or … VPU?

Winners, losers and observations from the Consumer Electronics Show

Where is the semiconductor industry going in the post-smartphone era? What trends are going to shape next-generation applications and SoC development?

Just by walking around the CES show floor this year, I would say advanced visual processing technology is the horse to put money on. It was everywhere, from ADAS systems, drones, to GoPro cameras, IP cameras with embedded facial recognition, motion detectors, virtual reality, augmented reality, displays and a whole lot more.

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