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Arteris in EE Times Autonomous Driving Article by Junko Yoshida

Junko Yoshida wrote a great article in EE Times titled, "Driverless Car on Same Road as 3D TV?", about the technology gold rush that is automotive electronics. She was prescient about the limitations of current technology and business models, and cast a questioning eye on what is really required to create autonomous vehicles.

Topics: ISO 26262 automotive semiconductors ADAS heterogeneous cache coherency multicore

Arteris Ncore cache coherent interconnect featured in Microprocessor Report (MPR)

Arteris' new Ncore Cache Coherent Interconnect IP was featured in a Microprocessor Report article. If you already subscribe to MPR, then you can go to this link to read it:

Topics: new product Ncore heterogeneous cache coherency The Linley Group

SemiEngineering article: "Coherency, Cache And Configurability"

Here's a good article by Ann Steffora Mutschler that describes some of the issues of implementing hardware cache coherency using cache coherent interconnects. Neil Parris from ARM is quoted, as am I.  

Here's the link to the full article: 

Topics: heterogeneous cache coherency