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Is An FPGA IP Business Model Finally Possible?

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The IP-SoC conference panel, “IPs on FPGA: Strategy and Vision,” was a learning experience for me. Coming from the software and silicon/ASIC/ASSP worlds, I thought I had a pretty comprehensive view of all the various IP licensing models and their technical implementations. But I learned something new that makes me feel positive about the FPGA’s abilities to finally offer a robust market of third party IP. 

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The Chinese Tianhe-1A supercomputer: It's the interconnect, stupid!

I hope my title doesn't sound too condescending, and I apologize for stealing Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign slogan, but it's apparent to me that a lot of the talk on the Internet about the Chinese Tianhe-1A supercomputer is sour grapes.

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Busses, Crossbars and NoCs: The 3 Eras of SoC Interconnect History

Today the processor in your Blackberry or iPhone has more calculating power than a PC did only a decade ago. No surprise here. But how did this happen? What enabled this?
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