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Semiconductor Engineering: Not Enough Respect for SoC Interconnect

K. Charles Janac, CEO at Arteris IP, shares his opinion in this week's blog appearing in Semiconductor Engineering:

Not Enough Respect for SoC Interconnect


July 30th, 2018 - By K. Charles Janac

Topics: SoC functional safety SoC security semiconductor advanced driver assistance systems adas flexnoc interconnect semiconductor engineering soc architecture AI arteris ip ips K. Charles Janac on-chip memory interconnects logic IP modules SoC assembly topologies 5G mobility QoS

Semiconductor Engineering: Safety, Security and PPA Tradeoffs

Kurt Shuler, VP of Marketing at Arteris IP, quoted in this Semiconductor Engineering article:

Safety, Security and PPA Tradeoffs


July 23th, 2018 - By Brian Bailey

Topics: SoC automotive semiconductors semiconductor semiconductor engineering arteris ip TCP/IP interconnects packets logic