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As Moore’s Law Slows, Hedge Your Bets With Design Process Efficiency

Greater productivity, lower power, smaller die size and greater bandwidth await teams that adopt proven methodologies to streamline design in mature geometries.

Are you dreading the day when Moore’s Law comes to a grinding halt? I’m concerned, but I’m not as fatalistic as some.

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Moore's Law is Dead: Long Live SoC Designers

Author's note: This article was originally published in Design & Reuse where it has been read by nearly 2,000 engineers and shared by over 100 people.

As the "Free Lunch" Era Closes, Chip Designers Grow in Value by Providing Innovative Ways to Increase Performance and Cut Power Consumption

Let’s face it, Moore’s Law has been the free lunch program of the semiconductor industry. And now that Moore’s Law is dead, how will SoC designers continue to survive?

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