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EDN: How NoCs Ace Power Management and Functional Safety in SoCs

Benoit de Lescure, CTO at Arteris IP authors this 3rd article in a new series for EDN:

How NoCs Ace Power Management and Functional Safety in SoCs

September 15th, 2021 - By Benoit de Lescure

The NoC interconnect is the SoC architecture.

This third article highlights how NoC technology provides capabilities like power management and functional safety that are not possible with older crossbar-based interconnect technologies. For design teams creating modern SoCs, whether large datacenter AI accelerators or power-sipping IoT sensors, NoC interconnect technology is key to implementing these SoC architectures and optimizing the dataflow within them.

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SemiWiki: The Zen of Auto Safety - a Path to Enlightenment

Kurt Shuler, VP of Marketing and Stefano Lorenzini, Functional Safety Manager at Arteris IP, share stories with Bernard Murphy (SemiWiki) to help you chill. Safety is critical, but that’s doesn't mean you have to panic. 

The Zen of Auto-Safety - a Path to Enlightenment

July 7, 2021 - Bernard Murphy

Safety is a complex topic, but we’re busy. We take the course, get the certificate. Check, along with a million other things we need to do. But maybe it’s not quite that simple. I talked recently with Kurt Shuler (VP of marketing) and Stefano Lorenzini (functional safety manager) at Arteris IP and concluded that finding enlightenment in safety is more of a journey than a destination. I’m going to share with you a few stories they told me which highlight this journey. Because journeys / stories are my favorite way to share an idea.
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Semiconductor Engineering: Shifting Toward Data-Driven Chip Architectures

K. Charles Janac, CEO at Arteris IP is quoted in this new article in Semiconductor Engineering:

Shifting Toward Data-Driven Chip Architectures

June 16th, 2021 - By Ed Sperling and Ann Steffora Mutschler

Rethinking how to improve performance and lower power in semiconductors.

“There are dynamic routing opportunities at runtime,” said K. Charles Janac, chairman and CEO of Arteris IP. “We’ve always resisted runtime dynamic routing because there are issues with verification. If you have billions of transactions, the verification is much simpler if you’re forcing the traffic to go onto a single connection every time. But there are opportunities for easing that in the future and have the NoC essentially be able to reroute traffic dynamically based on some sort of routing controller, which in turn is controlled by some global software."

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Semiconductor Engineering: Big Changes Ahead For Connected Vehicles

Kurt Shuler, Vice President of Marketing at Arteris IP is quoted in this new article in Semiconductor Engineering:

Big Changes Ahead For Connected Vehicles

June 3rd, 2021 - By Ann Steffora Mutschler

Tapping into multiple services, both inside and outside a car, requires a rethinking of everything from architectures to security.

“When you look at the geography of the car, you have to consider how to chop things up,” said Kurt Shuler, vice president of marketing at Arteris IP. “As part of the ECU consolidation discussion, zonal can be one approach such that, for example, ‘the antilock braking system is usually next to this other subsystem, so let’s put those together, and we’ll make that one electronic system that’ll cover all that stuff.’ However, there are still some who say all of this is going to go together, like a centralized architecture where there is a common brain, which makes sense from a functional safety and redundancy standpoint.”

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