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As Moore’s Law Slows, Hedge Your Bets With Design Process Efficiency

Greater productivity, lower power, smaller die size and greater bandwidth await teams that adopt proven methodologies to streamline design in mature geometries.

Are you dreading the day when Moore’s Law comes to a grinding halt? I’m concerned, but I’m not as fatalistic as some.

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SemiEngineering: The Uncertain Future Of Fabless Semis

Ann Steffora Mutschler wrote this provocative article at Semiconductor Engineering. I am reprinting it here for your convenience with the permission of Semiconductor Engineering. Kevin Kranen's points regarding software driving the hardware are very important for our industry to internalize.

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Wake Up, Semi Industry: System OEMs Might Not Need You

The rules are changing for the semiconductor industry and traditional vendors had better find ways to be more competitive or they will find themselves missing out on some of the most exciting, high-growth markets.

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The Semiconductor Industry Needs an IP Switzerland

It’s official: The great IP land grab has begun.

The process actually has been taking place gradually, but has accelerated with Imagination Technologies’ acquisition of MIPS last year and, most recently, Cadence’s acquisition of Tensilica. For makers of semiconductors, four competing IP behemoths are emerging after years of fragmentation within the semiconductor IP industry.

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