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Advanced SoC Interconnect IP Enables Greater Flexibility in an Era of Consolidation

I am thoroughly enjoying 2013. That’s because there seems to be a lot more reason for optimism this year than last year.  But before we let go of 2012, it’s important to reflect on the past year and see what it can teach us so we can make better business decisions moving forward.

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Who REALLY calls the shots in chip design today?

Who REALLY calls the shots in chip design today?

That sounds like a stupid question. Who really calls the shots in chip design today? Well, chip designers of course.

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Semiconductor Slowdown? Invest!

Samsung’s announcement that it is investing a company-record $42B in 2012 for technology development came as a bit of a shock to many in the financial and technology press. The size of this investment dwarfs that of any other company I know of, and even exceeds the expected technology investments of entire nations, such as the combined investments of the Japanese semiconductor vendors.

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Free semiconductor IP isn't free: White paper on SoC economics

Whenever we purchase a durable item like a house or a car, we tend to look not only at the initial sales price, but also what are the costs and benefits over time. However, we don’t always take the same methodical “net present value” approach when dealing with companies that supply semiconductor intellectual property (IP) to our development teams.

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