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EE Times Designlines Blog: How to Not Fail ISO 26262

eetimes_logo_zpsd2838525.pngThis EE Times blog in Designlines Automotive titled, How to Not Fail ISO 26262, is written by Kurt Shuler, VP Marketing at Arteris IP. 

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In the move towards autonomous driving cars and the implementation of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), ISO 26262 functional safety standards have been thrust to the forefront of system design. Understanding and correctly implementing an ISO 26262 compliance program can mean the difference between economic success and failure.

If an automated vehicle crashes on the road, it may trigger a financial catastrophe not only for car manufacturer, but the entire supply chain involved in developing the failed system. Failures on the road can end up costing automakers significantly more than if the bug was discovered during the development process. Adding further complications for carmakers is the increasing design complexity, software content, and mechatronic implementation used in these new electronic systems. Each technology can contribute to the risk of a systematic failure. So how do we get ISO 26262 functional safety and compliance right? How can automotive design engineers successfully drive through complicated technologies and the ISO 26262 approved?

This article will provide a look into how the automotive supply chain can manage the assessments and audits required to achieve ISO 26262 compliance.

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