• Built it like Samsung

    Arteris-connected chips drive the mobility revolution, making today's complex mobility SoCs possible.


Samsung uses Arteris FlexNoC IP in its Samsung Exynos mobile phone applications processors, digital baseband modems, 4K SUHD TVs and Artik IoT modules.


UNISCOC, one of China's largest fabless semiconductor companies, uses Arteris FlexNoC in its smartphone and tablet SoCs for application processing and 5G modems.


This leading fabless designer and supplier of advanced 4G LTE semiconductor solutions, has licensed Arteris FlexNoC IP for use in its low power LTE digital baseband chipsets.


LG uses our IP to connect their OLED UHD TV processors running the new webOS 2.0

Texas Instruments

Arteris IP connects the TI Jacinto 5/6 and TDA2x / TDA3x ADAS and automotive infotainment SoCs, the ultra-low power SimpleLink IoT SoCs, and the OMAP 4 / 5 SoCs.


Rockchip uses Arteris FlexNoC in its RK-series SoCs targeting tablet PCs. They have used Arteris IP for three generations of their applications processors.


Allwinner uses Arteris FlexNoC IP for its consumer electronics and mobile tablet application processors.