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Arteris FlexNoC Resilience Package IP Licensed by STMicroelectronics

Functional safety and data protection features enable more complex SoCs that can meet stringent ISO 26262 standards

CAMPBELL, Calif. — Oct. 4, 2016 — Arteris Inc., the innovative supplier of silicon-proven commercial system-on-chip (SoC) interconnect IP, today announced that STMicroelectronics has licensed Arteris FlexNoC interconnect IP along with the FlexNoC Resilience Package.

...we are finding that hardware data protection within the interconnect is increasingly required to meet our desired ISO 26262 ASIL levels. In our never-ending efforts to improve efficiency, we’ve found Arteris technology is helping us meet our safety and time-to-market goals.

Fabio Marchio, Vice President, Automotive and Discrete Group, STMicroelectronics

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