Solving Multi-Core Design Challenges With Safety Support

The key challenges in developing multi-core ASICs include managing complexity, power optimization, inter-core communication, synchronization, verification, testing, and performance optimization while ensuring scalability, reliability, and integration ease.

Ncore™ solves these challenges with a production-proven, highly configurable, and efficient coherent NoC interconnect IP solution. Ncore offers unique value by being engineered to support ISO 26262 designs that, once certified, will ensure reliable operation in safety-critical applications with functional safety compliance.

The combined use of Ncore IP and FlexNoC IP in an ASIC design delivers unparalleled performance optimization, scalability, and system integration, enabling robust cache coherence, efficient communication, and flexibility, leading to market differentiation and accelerated time-to-market.

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Ncore Cache Coherent Interconnect IP

Empowers SoC developers to create high-performance coherent SoCs

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Configurable Systems

Ncore's highly configurable and scalable architecture allows for designing flexible SoCs tailored to evolving product requirements.

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Faster Performance

Low-latency proxy caches enable non-coherent IPs to be quickly integrated, minimizing latencies and seamlessly integrating them.

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Easier Floorplanning

Ncore simplifies floorplanning through easy integration and configuration of IP blocks, subsystems, and interfaces for optimized placement and routing.

Ncore Key Features

  • Highly scalable system
  • True heterogeneous coherency
  • Configurable network and topologies
  • Configurable snoop filters
  • IO cache and system memory cache
  • Lower power consumption
  • Functional safety
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Debug & trace/monitoring
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Ncore Product Benefits

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Higher Frequencies,
Lower Latencies

Use of multiple configurable snoop filters to accommodate different cache organization

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Lower Power

Fewer off-chip main memory accesses resulting in lower power consumption

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Smaller Die

Fewer wire using optimal NoC transport layer

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Ncore adapts to each coherent agent’s behavior and characteristics

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Saving hundreds of hours of work over manual verification generation

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Fewer iterations loops

Read more about why we are unique on our NoC Technology page.

Ncore Product Option

functional safety option

Resilience: FuSa Option

  • ISO 26262 Functional Safety (FuSa)
  • Multi-ASIL support

We chose the Arteris Ncore cache coherent interconnect because of its unique proxy caches and their ability to underpin high-performance, low power, cache coherent clusters of our unique AI accelerators. And with our prior experience using FlexNoC and the FlexNoC Resilience Packages for functional safety, we trust Arteris to be the highest performing and safest choice for ISO 26262-compliant NoC.

Elchanan Rushinek

Vice President of Engineering

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