Streamline Hardware/Software
Interface Foundation Creation
with CSRCompiler and CSRSpec

Complex software algorithms must control a growing array of specialized processors and hardware accelerators to deliver a robust product. The hardware/software interface (HSI) technology enables the software to control this hardware, which forms the basis of the entire design project. The CSRCompiler™ system, in combination with the CSRSpec™ language, automates the creation of this foundation.

HSI foundation

Build HSIs the Right Way With a Winning Methodology

CSRCompiler system and CSRSpec language form a complete register design solution for hardware, software, verification, and documentation.

This comprehensive solution allows teams to manage their designs collaboratively from a single source specification, ensuring the entire team has a complete, correct, up-to-date register design ecosystem.

CSRSpec to CSRCompiler

Key Features

  • Various input formats: CSRSpec language, SystemRDL, IP-XACT, spreadsheets…
  • Single source for generating RTL, digital verification, firmware, and documentation
  • Extensive error/syntax checking with over 1,000 error checks
  • Time-saving templates support
  • Industry-standard buses
  • Registers broadcast/alias and virtual registers support
  • Wide memories and atomic access support
  • Back door path mapping
  • Coverage bins
  • Parity checks
CSRCompiler benefits per role

CSRCompiler Product Benefits

integration icon

Agile Design

Ensure best practices and
early engagement of the
entire design team

multi-language support icon


No need for additional
custom scripting or manual

accurate import icon

IP Issues

Ensure clean import of
third-party IP or internal
legacy data

easy configuration icon

Easy Specification Adjustment

Very fast iteration with
updated information across
design teams ensuring
data consistency

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Specify and compile over
5 million registers

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Highest Quality

Over 1,000 functional, behavioral, syntactic, and semantic error checks

fastest performance icon


Generate 100,000
registers in seconds

We are redefining the deployment of inference at the edge with our highly efficient technology. These designs are highly complex, and the hardware and software interfaces are critical to performance and core functionality. Arteris CSRCompiler ensures the hardware and software interfaces function as expected, and that both the hardware and software teams can test interaction during chip development.

Charlie Roth

VP of Hardware R&D

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We have used other CSR EDA tools over the years, but Arteris’s CSRCompiler offers the fullest featured and most flexible tools as well as easiest to use. It eliminates all confusion around CSR.

Andy Mansen

Senior Manager of Hardware Engineering

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