Resolve Critical SoC Design Challenges

Critical challenges in developing SoC designs include performance optimization, data access, and power efficiency. CodaCache addresses these design challenges effectively through performance-optimized caching, efficient data access, and power optimization techniques.

CodaCache also tackles key challenges like system scalability, SoC integration, timing closure, layout congestion, and real-time processing by providing scalable cache solutions, seamless integration capabilities, and support for real-time processing.

Using FlexNoC/FlexWay and CodaCache IPs in the same SoC provides a unique value by delivering a high-performance, power-efficient, and scalable solution that meets the demanding requirements of modern SoC designs while reducing development time, risk, and cost.

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CodaCache Last Level Cache IP

Enhances performance and efficiency in SoC designs

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Configurable Systems

CodaCache's configurability fine-tunes settings for optimal performance, unlocking the full potential of the cache in specific scenarios.

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Faster Performance

Facilitates fast and convenient access to frequently accessed data, eliminating the need to access the main memory, resulting in enhanced performance.

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Seamless Integration

AXI support enables efficient communication between components, easy integration into existing SoC designs and accelerating development processes.

CodaCache Key Features

  • Flexible physical organization
  • Configurable proxy cache
  • Configurable snoop filters
  • Associativity
  • Per way configurable scratchpad memory
  • Way partitioning
  • Performance monitors
  • Performance models
  • Functional safety
  • Graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Assisted coherency management
    via hardware cache flush
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CodaCache Product Benefits

Higher Frequencies,
Lower Latencies

Enhances system and IP performance through optimized caching and efficient data access

Lower Power

Fewer off-chip main memory accesses resulting in lower power consumption

Smaller Die

Through its highly distributed architecture and configurable cache partitions


Through an intuitive and
user-friendly interface


Saving hundreds of hours of work over manual verification generation


Fewer iterations loops

Read more about why we are unique on our NoC Technology page.

CodaCache Product Options

Safety Resilience option

Resilience: FuSa Option

  • ISO 26262 Functional Safety (FuSa)
  • Multi ASIL level support

The Arteris CodaCache reduces memory bottlenecks and saves power by allowing system-on-chip to employ a highly configurable last-level cache rather than solely communicating with off-chip memory. Designers will be attracted to the variety of use cases that CodaCache IP supports, including dedicated, shared, and distributed partitioning, as well as its use as on-chip scratchpad storage.

Mike Demler

Senior Analyst

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