Experience Enhanced Design Data Intelligence with Arteris Harmony Trace

Discover a transformative design data intelligence tool tailored for intricate SoC endeavors. It offers a pathway to accelerate quality and functional safety certifications through a seamless traceability matrix spanning all design artifacts. Harmony Trace uniquely integrates disparate systems and unifies diverse specifications, while ensuring optimal compatibility with industry leaders like IBM DOORS, Jama Connect, and Atlassian Jira. Experience the future of automated traceability, swift certifications, and efficient navigation of the SoC design landscape with Harmony Trace™️.

Harmony Trace phases

Empowering Design Quality
with Harmony Trace

Elevate SoC projects with unmatched traceability and seamless integration.

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Increased System Quality & Safety

Boost system quality and gain essential functional safety certifications, ensuring robust SoCs reliability.

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End-to-End Traceability

Comprehensive linkage throughout the semiconductor lifecycle, ensuring transparency in development.

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Tool Integration & Compatibility

Unify disparate systems for seamless collaboration; compatible with tools like IBM DOORS, Jama, and Jira.

Harmony Trace
Key Features

  • Artifact Linking Traceability: Comprehensive bidirectional mapping of all design elements.
  • Cross-Domain Design Linking: Bridges multiple design domains for a holistic view.
  • Industry Tool Compatibility: Native API support for IBM DOORS, Jama, Jira, DITA, IP-XACT, etc.
  • IP-XACT Anchored Design: Correlation between design and its IP-XACT digital representation.
  • Semantic Data Processing: Advanced semantic algorithms for data insight extraction.
  • Modular Reporting API: Domain-agnostic application programming interface for tailored reporting.
  • Change Impact Auditing: Real-time notification mechanism for traceability breaches.
  • Customized Extension Framework: Allows integration of proprietary or in-house tools.
  • EDA & Repository Synchronization: Direct integration with leading EDA tools and code repositories.
  • Discrepancy Alert System: Proactive system for pinpointing design and requirement misalignments.
  • User-Defined Monitor Integration: Adaptable framework for internally developed monitoring systems.
  • Standard Compliant Certifications: Automated report generation for ISO 26262 and other certifications.
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Harmony Trace Product Benefits

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Quality &
Safety Boost

Achieve top-notch SoC reliability and essential safety certifications

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Link all design stages, ensuring transparency throughout development

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Seamless System

Unified approach with tools like IBM DOORS, Jama, and Jira

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Design View

Multi-domain linking for a comprehensive system understanding

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Smooth Transition

Easy integration minimizes disruptions to existing workflows

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Custom Adaptability

Extend to accommodate specific internal requirements

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Actionable Insights

Extract valuable data for informed decision-making

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Developing a complex SoC often involves a suite of disparate and disconnected tools, which makes it difficult to maintain a record that allows tracing design requirements and artifacts over the product’s lifetime. But Arteris Harmony Trace mitigates these issues by connecting discrete silos such that users can track requirements, implementation, verification and documentation mismatches across existing systems. This means that engineers can continue to use best-in-class solutions and technologies like EDA tools, IBM DOORS, Jama, Jira, DITA, and IP-XACT while experiencing the benefits of automated traceability. Harmony Trace helps design teams meet the quality and change management requirements of functional safety standards such as ISO 26262 and IEC 61508.

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