The automotive industry is experiencing disruption with the adoption of automated driving, electrification, and vehicle connectivity. This has resulted in a growing demand for advanced interconnect IP solutions to enable the integration of multiple processing elements, memory systems, and communication interfaces into a single SoC. This shift toward the “Internet of Cars” has led to the development of more complex SoCs, demanding reliable and configurable interconnect technologies to accelerate time to market and reduce costs.

With the traditional automotive supply chain being disrupted by new business models and competition among semiconductor vendors, there is an increasing need for interconnect IP solutions. Our Network-on-Chip (NoC) IP and SoC Integration tools help developers create safer automotive applications that are optimized for low power, performance, cost, and in support of ISO 26262 functional safety.

Key Benefits

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Optimized PPA

Arteris's interconnect IP solutions are designed to optimize the performance, power consumption, and cost of automotive systems, which is critical for developing high-performance, feature-rich automotive systems.

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Using Arteris System IP, developers achieve ISO 26262-compliant design, verification, and documentation of safety-critical automotive systems and create ISO 26262-compliant Networks-on-Chip.

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Advanced SoC Integration

Arteris's solutions aid developers in addressing the challenges of integrating multiple heterogeneous processing elements, memory systems, and communication interfaces into a single SoC.


In September 2022, Arteris and Arm expanded their partnership to speed up innovation in automotive electronics for autonomous driving, advanced driver assistance systems, infotainment, and other automotive subsystems. The partnership helps customers realize SoCs with high performance and power efficiency for safety-critical tasks while reducing project schedules and costs. It offers mutual customers a greater choice of safe, integrated, and optimized automotive solutions to enable faster time to market via seamless integration and optimized flows with the highest quality of results, enabling ISO 26262 systems with the highest automotive safety integrity levels (ASIL).


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FlexNoC Non-Coherent NoC IP

  • Flexible topologies
  • Small to large SoCs
  • Scalable bandwidth
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Ncore Coherent NoC IP

  • Scalability
  • Higher bandwidth/performance
  • Lower power consumption
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Magillem SoC Integration Tools

  • SoC assembly and configuration
  • Automated documentation generation
  • IP supply chain management
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