Wired and wireless communications are the backbone of our hyperconnected world. Critical development challenges include improving the speed, bandwidth, and reliability of networks while ensuring security and privacy. Reducing power consumption and increasing battery life for portable devices while maintaining high performance and functionality are top of mind for developers. In addition, the development of electronics for communication must balance cost-effectiveness and scalability with reliability and resilience, especially for the enablement of connectivity for critical applications such as medical devices, transportation, and defense.

Arteris IP's network-on-chip (NoC) solutions are highly differentiated for wired and wireless communications by providing best-in-class configurability, scalability, and protocol support, achieving the lowest power consumption and cost while maintaining the best performance. The Magillem technology for hardware/software interface (HSI) development is especially suitable for wired communications designs with large sets of registers.

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Key Benefits

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Protocol Support

Arteris provides a wide range of network-on-chip (NoC) interconnect IP solutions that support multiple protocols, including AMBA, AXI, AHB, OCP, and ACE.

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Optimized PPA

Arteris IP's interconnect IP solutions are designed to optimize the performance, power consumption, and cost of communications systems, which is critical for developing high-performance, feature-rich wired and wireless communications systems.

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Advanced SoC Integration

Arteris IP's solutions aid developers of wired and wireless designs in addressing the challenges of integrating multiple heterogeneous processing elements, memory systems, and communication interfaces into a single SoC.


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FlexNoC Network-on-Chip IP

  • Flexible topologies
  • Small to large SoCs
  • Scalable bandwidth
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Ncore Cache-Coherent IP

  • Scalability
  • Higher bandwidth/performance
  • Lower power consumption
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Magillem SoC Integration Tools

  • Productivity
  • Risk management
  • Collaboration
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