The Enterprise Computing market with data centers and connections to edge computing is undergoing a fundamental transformation driven by the ability of system companies to conduct their bespoke silicon development to optimize hardware for specific workloads. In addition, the Arm and RISC-V instruction set architectures (ISAs) are trying to disrupt the computing socket in data centers traditionally dominated by the x86 ISA. Given the enormous scale of data centers and the various forms of edge computing, critical challenges include performance & power efficiency necessary to handle massive workloads efficiently, scalability & flexibility to adapt to changing workloads, and reliability & security to be resistant to failures and cyberattacks.

Arteris has a history of successful collaborations with prominent semiconductor companies, demonstrating its ability to deliver reliable and effective interconnect solutions. Its flexible and scalable on-chip data flow backbone offers the unique flexibility to create bespoke solutions for artificial intelligence, computing, memory, and storage.

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Key Benefits

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Optimized PPA

Arteris's System IP solutions optimize enterprise computing systems' performance, power consumption, and cost, allowing semiconductor vendors to meet the unique requirement for workload-optimized enterprise computing.

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Advanced SoC Integration

Arteris's solutions aid developers in addressing the challenges of integrating multiple heterogeneous processing elements, memory, storage systems, and communication interfaces.

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Flexibility and Scalability

Arteris' System IP offerings are uniquely configurable, flexible and scalable to meet the requirements for bespoke hardware optimized for specific workloads.


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FlexNoC Non-Coherent NoC IP

  • Flexible topologies
  • Small to large SoCs
  • Scalable bandwidth
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Ncore Coherent NoC IP

  • Scalability
  • Higher bandwidth/performance
  • Lower power consumption
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Magillem SoC Integration Tools

  • Productivity
  • Risk management
  • Collaboration
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