The Industrial application domain is undergoing a fundamental digital transformation. The Internet of Things (IoT) and industrial electronics often have product lifecycles measured in decades, requiring components to be not only durable but also available over the long term. Due to the critical nature of many industrial applications, semiconductors must have exceptionally low failure rates and meet stringent safety requirements.

Arteris’ technology enables leading providers of industrial applications to meet performance objectives by customizing SoC designs for optimal data flow, reducing latency, and increasing overall system performance. Developers can create ultra-low power chips, particularly beneficial for IoT devices and portable electronics as they require extended battery life. Arteris’ offerings ensure that chips meet stringent reliability and functional safety requirements, a must for industrial systems and other safety-critical applications.

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Key Benefits

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Safety and Reliability

Using Arteris System IP, developers achieve ISO 26262-compliant design, verification, and documentation of safety-critical industrial systems.

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Flexibility and Scalability

Arteris' System IP offerings are uniquely configurable, flexible and scalable to meet the requirements for bespoke hardware optimized for specific workloads.

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Power Efficiency and Optimized PPA

Arteris' interconnect IP solutions are designed to optimize the performance, power consumption, and cost of industrial systems.


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FlexNoC Non-Coherent NoC IP

  • Flexible topologies
  • Small to large SoCs
  • Scalable bandwidth
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Ncore Coherent NoC IP

  • Scalability
  • Higher bandwidth/performance
  • Lower power consumption
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Magillem SoC Integration Tools

  • Productivity
  • Risk management
  • Collaboration
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