Safety in automotive and industrial designs is critical to prevent catastrophic failures that could result in serious injuries or loss of life. These systems often operate in unpredictable environments and deal with high-risk tasks. Ensuring robustness, reliability, and fail-safe operation mitigates these risks, protecting users and equipment.

Across the design from OEMs through Tier 1 integrators, semiconductor, and software providers, the development processes and the resulting semiconductor designs must adhere to stringent safety requirements. There can be no weak link. As one critical pillar for semiconductor designs, Arteris NoC technology is ASIL-D certifiable, and we partner with our customers to achieve the appropriate ASIL certifications. The Arteris SoC Integration tools meet comprehensive TCL1 compliance following the ISO 26262 standard per independent evaluation by TÜV SÜD.

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Key Benefits

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Derisk Projects

Integrating existing designs and modular approach reduces safety integration complexity.

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Scalability & Flexibility

Accommodate various SoC topologies with configurable safety features tailored to specific needs, balancing risk, cost, and performance.

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Standards Compliance

ISO 26262 certifiable NoC development streamlines compliance, saving time and effort in the certification process.


Arteris and ResilTech have partnered to enhance SoC functional safety, specifically targeting ISO 26262 compliance. Arteris's FlexNoC interconnect IP and ResilTech's expertise and tools, along with the Arteris Resilience Package, create a comprehensive solution. This collaboration offers advanced interconnect technology and thorough resilience verification, reducing risk and accelerating the path to achieving ISO 26262 compliance for chip manufacturers.


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FlexNoC Non-Coherent NoC IP

  • ISO 26262 ASIL-D Certifiable
  • Flexible topologies
  • Scalable bandwidth
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Ncore Coherent NoC IP

  • ISO 26262 ASIL-D Certifiable
  • Higher bandwidth/performance
  • Lower power consumption
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Magillem SoC Integration Tools

  • TCL1 compliant per independent evaluation
  • SoC assembly and configuration
  • Automated documentation generation
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