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Basic IP-XACT Training

This 2-day course will provide you a foundation to take advantage of the EDA automation and data transformation advantages that IP-XACT use can bring to your semiconductor design flow.

Basic IP-XACT Training Syllabus

Day 1:

9 am-1 pm: IP-XACT overview

  • History and key concepts
  • How to read and navigate the IP-XACT specification and XML schema
  • Main IP-XACT constructs

2 pm-6 pm: IP-XACT in depth

  • Protocol descriptions (Bus Definition & Abstraction Definition)
  • The Component schema
  • Design and Design Configuration
  • Last but not least, the API (TGI)
Day 2:

9 am- 1 pm: IP-XACT for a purpose

  • IP-XACT for connectivity
  • IP-XACT for registers
  • IP-XACT for file management
2 pm-5 pm: Use cases

  • Leveraging IP-XACT for advanced flows
  • Leveraging IP-XACT for Verification
5 pm-6 pm: Knowledge management and Q&A