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    Automate virtual prototype creation!

    Learn how to use IP-XACT and SystemC to create and assemble SoC virtual prototypes.

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    Accelerate system development

    Learn from our experts how to use IP-XACT & SystemC to create SoC models.

IP-XACT & SystemC Virtual Prototyping Training

Our 3-day training will teach your team how to automate the development and connectivity of SystemC models for use in SoC virtual prototypes. For the final, you will build a basic Virtual Prototype capable of booting Linux and running embedded application software.

IP-XACT & SystemC Virtual Prototyping Training Syllabus

Day 1:
Automatically create and validate a SystemC IP from its specification
  • Introduction to Virtual Prototyping
  • Quick SystemC refresh
  • Quick tour of IP-XACT
  • Package and validate a Virtual IP
  • Step-by-Step flow
    • setup
    • update IP-XACT file and generate SystemC code
    • update SystemC code (add behavior)
    • validate with SW testbench
  • Debug and configure (with gdb) both the systemC and the eSW
  • Hands-on (Lab 1)
  • Build and validate a simple SystemC ADC IP
Day 2:

Automatically create and execute a reusable and reconfigurable Virtual Prototype

  • Assemble, configure and execute a complete Virtual System
  • Step-by-Step flow
    • setup
    • plug and connect generic IP-XACT components
    • swap components
    • manage hierarchy
    • generate SystemC code
    • build and compilation flow
  • Configure the Virtual Prototype
    • run-time vs compilation-time parameters
    • dependent parameters
  • Execute, Debug and Analyse results
  • Hands-on (Lab 2)
  • Build a basic Virtual Prototype capable of booting Linux and running an embedded application SW
  • Wrap-up
Day 3:

For advanced-users, SystemC modeling