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Arteris is a catalyst for system-on-chip (SoC) innovation as the leading provider of semiconductor system IP for the acceleration of SoC development. Arteris Network-on-Chip (NoC) interconnect intellectual property (IP) and SoC integration technology enable higher product performance with lower power consumption and faster time to market, delivering proven flexibility and better economics for system and semiconductor companies, so innovative brands are free to dream up what comes next.

The acquisitions of Magillem and Semifore position Arteris as the leader in SoC integration and Hardware/Software Interface (HSI) development, further accelerating SoC development schedules for customers.


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Semiconductors have now established their place as a truly essential industry, according to Deloitte. Our world is powered by electronic devices, smart systems, plus autonomous machines, and Arteris is the essential connectivity IP inside complex electronics. Founded in 2004, Arteris pioneered the concept of network-on-chip for connecting IP blocks across system-on-chips, which drive all the electronics we use.

The rapid pace of innovation has triggered an explosion in the number of IP blocks used in a chip, amplified by continuous advancements in semiconductor manufacturing technologies and core SoC development economics. Modern times call for modern methods for developing SoCs, and Arteris is at the heart of it.


Foundational technology drivers for the growing adoption of Arteris technology include:

  • Exponential growth of the number of logical cores in a chip increases the number of NoCs per SoC, fueling design complexity.
  • Demand for better power, performance, and area (PPA), requiring advanced levels of physical awareness and optimization in NoC and SoCs.
  • Rapid innovation cycles and speed to market require silicon-proven IP; anything else is too risky.

As the leading provider of semiconductor system IP for the acceleration of system-on-chip development across today’s electronic systems, Arteris is broadly deployed in solutions for automotive, communications, consumer electronics, enterprise computing, and industrial markets. For example, Arteris is used in over 70% of the automotive ADAS SoC market and holds a strong position with market-shaping customers across leading verticals.

Top 10 rankings by Omdia, January 2023, adapted by Arteris

Additionally, Arteris offers solutions to address the increasing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) innovation, safety and reliability compliance needs, and Arm and RISC-V IP integration and SoC integration requirements, which further compound the challenges SoC teams face when dealing with the ever-increasing complexity and the need for quick, flexible, and predictable execution.

Technology Portfolio

The innovative use of proprietary network-on-chip techniques for on-chip communications results in meeting project specifications, reduced project risk, faster time to market, and overall better SoC economics when compared to legacy and manually derived interconnects. Arteris NoC architecture results in improved SoC performance, power, silicon area, and faster engineering development times.

Arteris SoC integration automation products shorten SoC project schedules and enhance productivity across architects, logic designers, software/firmware developers, verification teams, and documentation teams.


Arteris interconnect IP and SoC automation technologies are used alongside various processor architectures and are eventually mapped into semiconductor manufacturing technologies. Today, Arm, x86 and RISC-V represent key processor architectures of note.

Our NoC interconnect IP technology is highly differentiated, with the ability to optimize IP topology with physical awareness. This makes Arteris a central part of the ecosystem with Cadence, Synopsys, and Siemens EDA, as well as semiconductor manufacturing, including TSMC, Samsung Foundry, GlobalFoundries, and Intel Foundry Services.

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