• Arteris helps Altera with Intel 14nm success!

    After a complete evaluation of available interconnect fabric IP products, Arteris FlexNoC was the clear choice.

    Ty Garibay, Vice President, Silicon Systems Development, Altera

  • HP Moonshot servers?

    Arteris inside! Our IP connects the SoCs for both generations of AppliedMicro's 
    X-Gene 1 and X-Gene 2 servers-on-a-chip.

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Altera uses Arteris FlexNoC IP to implement the Hard Processing System (HPS) of their newest Stratix 10 FPGAs using Intel's 14 nm Tri-Gate manufacturing process.


Freescale uses Arteris IP in its QorIQ processing platform for networking applications. It first licensed Arteris IP in 2011 for use in its i.MX application processor SoC platform.

SK hynix

SK Hynix, Inc., has licensed Arteris FlexNoC IP for use in its solid state memory storage products, including SSD controllers.

Texas Instruments

Arteris IP connects the TI Jacinto 5/6 and TDA2x / TDA3x ADAS and automotive infotainment SoCs, the CC26xx / CC13xx SimpleLink IoT SoCs, and the OMAP 4 / OMAP 5 SoCs.


AppliedMicro uses Arteris FlexNoC IP for its X-Gene™ 1, X-Gene 2 and X-Gene 3 Server-on-a-Chip Server-on-a-Chip solutions used in HP's Moonshot servers.

Enterprise SSD Vendors

Two leading enterprise SSD vendors use Arteris FlexNoC IP for their sophisticated SSD controller chipsets. We can't disclose their names but we can tell why they chose Arteris IP.


Rambus uses Arteris FlexNoC IP for use in their products.

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric uses Arteris FlexNoC IP in its premier industrial automation and control products featuring real-time, extremely low latency Ethernet functionality.


Sckipio uses Arteris FlexNoC IP in the world's first ITU G.fast modems to deliver fiber-like ultra-high speed broadband over existing copper twisted-pair infrastructure.

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