Enabling Effective Hardware/Software
Interface Development for
Schedule Acceleration

Magillem™ Registers offers a single source of truth methodology based on the IP-XACT standard, which not only targets the traditional need to manage registers, but also addresses today’s HW/SW integration challenges for large-scale SoCs.

Magillem Registers enables quick and scalable automated implementation, cutting the time to market for the Hardware/Software Interface (HSI) generation in half.

Magillem Registers GUI

Straightforward Register
Intent Capture

Magillem Registers translates the specification of registers into executable design code by automatically importing the register descriptions from different sources and formats into IP-XACT.

  • Automatically checks the accuracy of the information (overlaps, configurability, reserved empty spaces, …).
  • Enables close collaboration between HW, SW, and tech doc teams through a single source of truth methodology for consistently generated data.
  • Comprehensive HSI automation ensures better quality design and faster productivity.
Magillem Automatic Import

Automatically Generate Consistent Data

Generated data is always consistent and complete, which allows the verification team to always have an up-to-date generated register model to work from.

Magillem Registers supports customizable generators in addition to the automatic generation of standard output formats:

  • RTL register bank generation
  • Software headers generation
  • UVM ral generation
  • Arm CMSIS-SVD file generation
  • Docx and HTML documentation generation
Magillem generators

Error-Free System Map Generation

Synchronizing connectivity and memory map information with full integration of Magillem Registers and Magillem Connectivity:

  • Calculate and display the system map from the selected initiator.
  • Confirm that memory regions defined in the memory map can be reached (presence of a physical path).
  • Check that all the SW visible elements (registers or memory regions) in connected targets are present in the memory map.
Magillem system map

Key Features

  • Single Database: Import and capture memory map information into a single database (IP-XACT)
  • Parameterization: including configurable properties, custom specific access types and register modes
  • Comprehensive Checkers: Catch errors early in the process with built-in and custom checkers
  • Standard Formats Support: Output standard formats for HW design and verification, embedded SW, and documentation
  • Custom Templates: Advanced generation capability with support for custom template-based generators
  • Merge/Flatten IP Memory: Enable easy update/manipulation/creation of new global memory map for a sub-system or SoC
  • Tool Integration: Tight link with the connectivity tool to generate a system address map when both tools are combined
Magillem Registers generate

Magillem Registers Product Benefits

Quick &
Easy Adoption

Intuitive yet powerful GUI cuts learn curve and eases adoption


Define and customize importer/exporter/register property definitions for seamless integration

Scalable &

Use on up to 100Ks registers plus large-scale SoC memory maps

Automated &

Reduce tedious and error-prone tasks with fully-automated flow and shorten the overall process

Accurate &

Count on a single source of truth with HW, SW and documentation all in sync to ensure accuracy and cross-team consistency


Catch errors at the data entry stage with the memory map information before running any simulation


Accelerate the schedule with a correct-by-construction SW interface

Product Options

Seamlessly Integrated Extensions to the Base Feature Set

Magillem Architectural Option

Architectural Option: System Map Import and Generation

  • Automatically create the entire IP-XACT platform from the xls file input describing the system map
  • Automatic configuration of the bridges according to the system map reference
  • Enable keeping both software and hardware ends synchronized
Magillem Safety Option

Safety Option: Functional Safety Reg Bank

  • Single/Double Error Detection: register byte parity bit and register duplication
  • SW and HW Interface Protection: AMBA check types
  • Error reporting: error output bits and protocol error signaling
  • Ensure support of safety requirements for automotive industry

We automatically generated 2 Million lines of register header files for just one chip! And we automated
much of our Linux device tree and low-level firmware development.

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