Enabling SoC Developers
to Create Efficient NoCs

The world's #1 on-chip fabric is used by the world's top semiconductor design teams as the backbone on-chip communications for chips targeting the fastest growing markets.

Arteris FlexWay™ network-on-chip (NoC) IP is particularly well suited to cost-efficient, low-power Internet-of-Things (IoT) edge devices.

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A Complete
Network-On-Chip Product

Everything design teams need to create the world's best SoCs, faster

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Flexible Topologies

FlexWay is generated from simple elementary components which are combined by a powerful set of algorithms and an intuitive GUI, making it possible to build the optimal topology for your embedded application.

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Small to Medium SoCs

FlexWay supports simple to medium-complexity designs and easily scales efficiently between the two, containing only the optimum configuration required.

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Huge Bandwidth

FlexWay is uncompromising in how it drives performant on-chip dataflow despite it’s power efficient design.

Key Features

  • Multi-clock/power/voltage domains and power management with unit-level clock gating
  • Multi-protocol support including AMBA 5 with QoS bandwidth regulator and limiter
  • Integrated SystemC simulation & UVM verification support
  • Import and Export to Magillem tools
  • AMBA 5 support of DVM 8.1 (Device Virtual Messaging)
  • On-chip performance monitoring and debug
    • Debug and trace with ATB 128b and timestamps
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NoC Integration Automated Flow

Automated flow to leverage SoC connectivity information:

  • Improved productivity with reduced process
  • Better quality with early errors detections thanks to the checkers

Learn about Magillem Connectivity and Magillem Registers

NoC integration automated flow

FlexWay Product Benefits

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Through the intuitive
FlexWay UI

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Saving hundreds of hours of work versus manual verification test benches

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Lower Power

Advanced power management through clock gating, DVFS
and GALS

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Smaller Die

Fewer wires using optimal NoC transport layer

Read more about why we are unique on our NoC Technology page.

FlexWay Product Options

Seamlessly Integrated Extensions to the Base FlexWay Feature Set

functional safety option

Safety: Resilience Option

  • ISO 26262 Functional Safety (FuSa)
  • Multi-ASIL support
  • Interconnect-wide ECC support

Arteris is the proven industry standard for system IP with responsive support, and deploying their technology guaranteed we met our performance requirements and aggressive timelines, Arteris FlexWay interconnect IP allowed us to close timing smoothly on a complex, multicore machine learning architecture. We look forward to working together on the next project.

Giuseppe Garcea

Director of silicon and co-founder at Axelera AI

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